The Museum of Stanislaw Noakowski

The Museum in Nieszawa was created in 1934 and functioned until the outbreak of The II World War. It was situated on the presbytery – where Stanislaw Noakowski were born. Nowadays the museum was opened as a part of the Museum of the Kujawy and Dobrzyn Land in 1983 and in 2010 there were carried out thorough modernization with build-up.

 The Museum is situated in a classical house from the mid-19th century placed in the north frontage of Nieszawa market place, in which the family of Noakowscy were lived in 1868-1877. Moreover this monographic museum collects documents and memorabilia related to Stanislaw Noakowski, but also archives related to the history of Nieszawa.


Stable exhibitions have monographic character. Two halls on the ground floor are documenting life and creation of an outstanding theorist of architecture, pedagogue, drawer and painter Stanislaw Noakowski (1867-1928). The first part of the exhibition has biographical character and is placed in arranged notary office. The second part presents drawings and watercolors by Stanislaw Noakowski from 1916-1925. This part of exposition is located in reconstructed lounge from the seventies of 19th century.


On the first floor are located expositions devoted to the teacher of St. Noakowski – Ludwik Bouchard (1828-1912), art critic, painter and pedagogue. On the exposition we can find oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, ceramics and furniture designed by L. Bouchard. Like steady expositions on the ground floor, these were also created with a special care for rendering the climate of bourgeois house from the second half of 19th century.


Stanislaw Noakowski Museum possesses also multifunctional room equipped with multimedia devices where are organized temporary exhibitions, concerts, historical evenings and film screenings. The museum is also adapted for to the needs of disabled people.